Friday, May 22, 2009

Things That Don't Make Sense

I rolled into the workstead on Thurs. all psyched for the long holiday week-end only to find out that a co-worker was murdered and her husband was m.i.a. Essentially, she was found in her home, her throat had been deeply cut and this was the cause of death. Media reports say that it was a gory scene that left officers shaken. This lady was sweet and kind. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Her husband was later found and is charged with second degree murder. Their financial troubles, foreclosure and sale of the home she inherited from her mom made for a tragic mix. She was in my age bracket, a little gangly and goofy but so likeable. Her role was to remove and deliver items from various areas. On her travels she made friends. She was bright, well-read and a hard worker. We could have used 10 of her. She wasn't my best friend but she was a friend nonetheless. This is a profound loss. RIP C.A.S.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How the Hell Have You Been?

Me? Busier than a one armed paper hanger with hives. Hence no posting. I bought a house, moved, and took on another job in addition to my FT gig. I'll resurrect this blog in the coming weeks so all zero of my fans can stand by for news.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Duly Noted

I can't remember which tour Henry Rollins said that "duly noted" equals "fuck you". Nonetheless, I filed that nugget away and wouldn't you know it--I had the opportunity to use it not once but twice in one week. It must be old age because I honestly can't remember what prompted me to reply to a snotty e-mail from the PR betch with that phrase the first time. Whatever. But time two is fresh in my mind. I had to establish a schedule for something. I had to check with four people before I could release it. As a courtesy, I included information from another schedule that I produce. The PR betch is just that. And she has overly bleached blonde hair that goes to her waist making her look like a refugee from a Stevie Nicks concert. PR betch mistook a date from one schedule and added it to the events of the other. I straightened that mess out. I also didn't like some wording on a poster so I asked that it be changed. I also asked that something else be added to a particular date. PR betch asks via e-mail that if any more changes are to occur that we talk them over. Granted, the printshop people were getting worked but the main reason was due to the PR betch's original mistake. I wrote a separate e-mail to the print shop thanking them for their extra effort and apologizing that it was required (even though I wasn't the only culprit--left that part out). And of course I responded to PR betch's request with a "duly noted".

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