Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Johnny Goo's Plastic Surgery

I don't know when it went down but I noticed that John Rzeznik (the artist formerly known as Johnny Goo) didn't look quite right when he and the Goos appeared on Sundance TV's "Live from Abbey Road" series. His face barely moved and his cheeks looked chipmunk-like. Conversely, Robby Takac kept it real--a few lines in his face but he looked like a hip 40 something dude. John looked like he was frozen in time. A former teen idol who is clinging to yesterday.

Yesterday, my pal 'French Fry' sent us a link announcing that John Rzeznik will be on an American Idol style show to decide who the next great American band will be. He'll be paired with has-been Sheila E (pictured above) who looks awful but I can't determine if it's age, bad surgery, or both. Nonetheless, the info pro in me dug a little deeper and John doesn't seem to be demure about where he got his new look. Unless he didn't give the surgeon permission to mention him as a customer. Dr. Mark Mandel-Brown is to blame according to this site. Notice the spelling on John's last name. As Kelly would say, you couldn't even spell "break" right!


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